Late Breaking News from August 2013 and June 1876!!

Was Frank James more scheming, brutal and fearsome than his more notorious brother?? With his mug emblazoned on the cover of the current (August) issue of Wild West Magazine that assertion is declared… “Frank James – Meaner and smarter than Jesse”!!

This issue also has an outstanding piece on the legendary, cagey and fearsome Mickey Free who, if you count blood and spirit, was part Mexican, part Apache, possibly part Irish, part U.S. Scout and fully one of the most interesting stories of the Old West.

It also has hot stuff on Quantrill’s Raiders and high tension in Kansas in the 1860’s, trail blazin’ stuff, ghost town stuff… What’s not to like?001

In the midst of all these spine-tingling accounts – what is there that could possibly rivet the readers even more, what could take them to new heights of education, stratospheric levels of entertainment, what could launch them to another world of insight…???

MY ARTICLE OF COURSE!! The Battle of the Rosebud A to Z starts on page 52 and its grandeur illuminates the publication through page 59!! (possibly I should not have that 6th cup of coffee!!). Stop what you are doing right now and scoot on down to the bookstore or newsstand and pick up a copy while you still can for goodness sakes!!

Seriously, it’s been a gigantic excitement to have this story published which focuses on an Indian Wars’ fight 30 miles away and eight days prior to Custer’s demise at Little Big Horn. In addition to the description of the battle, I reveal the name of a mysterious newspaper reporter named “Z” whose identity has been hidden – shrouded – cloaked for 137 years!!

Just in case you are unable to secure a copy, here’s the link to the online version- . If you go this route however, you will miss out on most of the pretty pictures.

The spread on pages 52 & 53 shows U.S. Cavalrymen and Sioux and Cheyenne blazing away at short range. Pages 58 & 59 show an even more incredible melee as the friendly Indians (Shoshone and Crow) are engaged in hand to hand combat against the gun-toting, spear throwing, tomahawk wielding hostiles who are attempting to capture and scalp my great-great grandfather’s commanding officer, Captain Guy Henry, who has just been shot in the face (ouch!). Amazingly, Capt. Henry was indeed saved and, though he lost an eye, resumed his army career shortly thereafter!

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